New GLOCK Watch Chrono Limited Edition 2021

it’s time to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the GLOCK pistol

Glock Watch Chrono p80 In Stock on The Outdoor Ammory.

Forty years ago Gaston Glock introduced his world-famous polymer pistol – the P80 or G17, as we know it. To mark this anniversary the Austrian gun manufacturer is launching an exclusive wristwatch, the GLOCK Watch Chrono, in a limited edition of 4000 pieces.

The watch is solar charged and comes in the original pistol case in the anniversary color yellow. 

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The GLOCK Watch Chrono wristwatch will be produced in a strictly limited edition of 4000 pieces to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the development of the first GLOCK pistol.

“What’s the time?” – “It’s ten o’GLOCK!”. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the development of the first GLOCK pistol – the legendary P80 – the Austrian arms manufacturer is launching an exclusive wristwatch, the GLOCK Watch Chrono. 

The GWC0002 – this is the model name – is produced in a strictly limited edition of 4,000 pieces. We have 100 pieces now in stock, at The Outdoor Ammory.

 It comes in an exclusive set in the original pistol case in the anniversary color yellow with a certificate of authenticity and a GLOCK P80 collector’s coin. The serial number on the back makes each chronograph unique.

GLOCK Watch Chrono: Quality, precision and reliability in a strictly limited form

glock watch chrono

The GLOCK Watch Chrono is the result of a two-year design and development phase and of course carries the iconic features of the world-famous GLOCK pistol:“The serrations on the sled of the pistol have been incorporated into the design and embossed into the titanium case. The crown of the watch stylizes the ignition cap on the bottom of a cartridge.

The black Milanaise bracelet gives the watch a modern and elegant touch and is particularly comfortable on the wrist.

With the yellow silicone bracelet, which is also included in the set, the chronograph can also be worn in leisure and sports. This special watch strap has the well-known structure of a GLOCK grip of the latest generation.

glock watch min

The GLOCK Watch Chrono is solar-powered: thanks to a solar panel in the dial, it can be charged with any light source and has a running time of 6-12 months when fully charged.

The anniversary watch is equipped with a hard, crystal clear and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and is water resistant up to 10 ATM.

Thanks to intensive product tests, the chronograph stands for quality, precision and durability.

The innovative interchangeable bracelet system makes it possible to change the look by changing colors. According to the manufacturer, the GLOCK P80 anniversary watch has successfully passed all tests for corrosion resistance, extreme temperatures, water resistance, vibration and scratch resistance.”

This is exactly what you expect from a company whose motto is: “Make it simple, make it perfect!”.

Glock Watch Chrono P80 Limited Edition Unboxing!

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