Smith And Wesson Shield M&P M2.0 9mm Compact NEW

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Gauge/Caliber: 9MM LUGER

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Smith AND Wesson Shield M2.0

Worked with a steel barrel and slide, the Smith and Wesson Shield M&P M2.0 9mm Compact 8-Round Pistol includes a thin, lightweight body that is extraordinary for disguise. The polymer hold is planned with a forceful grasp surface and a characteristic 18-degree point. Incorporates a 7-round magazine and a 8-round magazine.

Provisions and Benefits

  • Flimsy, lightweight body
  • Forceful hold surface
  • Striker-terminated activity with a 7+1-or 8+1-round limit
  • Barrel and slide are made of solid tempered steel with an Armornite® finish
  • Steel white-dab front sight and a steel white 2-dab back sight
  • Manual thumb security
  • Polymer hold includes a 18-degree point
  • M&P M2.0™ trigger with material and discernible trigger reset
  • Bring down switch and a burn deactivation framework


  • Activity: Striker Fired
  • Metal completion: Armornite®
  • Item weight: 18.3 ounces
  • Manual Safety: Yes
  • Barrel length (in.): 3.1
  • Handedness: Ambidextrous
  • Hold: Polymer
  • Item length (in.): 6.1
  • Front sight: Steel white dab
  • Style: Pistol
  • Magazine limit: 7+1, 8+1
  • Maker guarantee – general: Lifetime
  • Back sight: Steel white 2 spot
  • Type: 9mm Luger

What’s in the Box of the Smith And Wesson Shield

smith and wesson shield

  • 8-round magazine
  • 7-round magazine
  • Smith and Wesson M&P9 ShieldM2.0 9MM Compact 8-Round Pistol


Here is how the M&P Shield 9 M2.0 measures up physically against other popular competitors (with a flush magazine):

M&P Shield M2.0 XDS 9 Glock 43 Kahr PM9
Length 6.1″ 6.3″ 6.26″ 5.42″
Height 4.5” 4.4″ 4.25″ 4″
Width .99″ .9″ 1.02″ .9″
Barrel 3.1″ 3.3″ 3.39″ 3.1″
Weight 18.3 oz 23 oz 17.95 oz 14 oz
Capacity 7+1 7+1 6+1 6+1
MSRP $479 $499 $519 $810


The M&P Shield is a proven performer and popular success. I have to believe that this new iteration will only help with its popularity. Also, I would tend to trust the quality of Smith & Wesson’s M&P line. Come by The Outdoor Ammory Range and rent the M&P 9 Shield M2.0 and see what you think.

About the smith and wesson m&p

The Smith And Wesson M&P (Military and Police) is a polymerframed, short recoil operated, locked breech semi-automatic pistol introduced in the summer of 2005 by the American company Smith & Wesson. It uses a Browning-type locking system. While targeted at law enforcement agencies,[1] the M&P is also widely available on the commercial market.


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Significant Product and Safety Information

  • We suggest the utilization of defensive eyewear at whatever point utilizing or close to the utilization of this thing.
  • You should be an inhabitant of the state chose for pickup.
  • Kindly note that all gun buys require substantial US government-provided ID and related gun desk work.
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