Rare Breed Trigger

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  • 1/4″ Wide Hammer, Trigger, and Locking Bar
  • 7075-T6 Aluminum Housing
  • Precision Wire EDM Cut!
  • Black Nitrite QPQ Finish
  • Includes Anti Walk Pins
  • 5lb Trigger Pull
  • US Pat. 10514223

*Full-Auto Bolt Carrier Required.
*Heavy Buffer (H2, H3 or T3 BUFFER) Recommended.
*We strongly recommend a qualified gunsmith install this trigger.
*In the majority of setups, the FRT-15 is plug-n-play with a heavy buffer. Tuning may be required.

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Introducing Our Exclusive Rare breed Trigger

Rare Breed Triggers unlock the true potential of your firearm!

Do you want to take your shooting to the next level of excellence? You’ve come to the right place! Our Triggers are the ultimate accessory for gun enthusiasts who want unmatched precision, reliability and performance.

Why choose This Trigger?

rare breed trigger

1. Unmatched Precision This Rare Trigger’s exceptional design ensures smooth and consistent trigger pulls. This allows you to shoot with remarkable confidence and accuracy.

2. Enhanced Reactivity: Respond quickly to changing situations thanks to our trigger’s rapid resetting and reduced take-up. Enjoy faster follow-up shots than ever before.

3. Unrivaled reliability: Designed to withstand the most demanding shooting conditions, this trigger will deliver reliable performance.

4. Easy installation: Upgrade your firearm without any hassle with the Rare Breed. No gunsmithing knowledge is required for our user-friendly installation.

5. Safety First: These triggers are equipped with safety mechanisms that provide peace of mind when shooting.

Experience the Power of Precision

The Rare Breed Trigger is the ultimate shooting tool for any shooter. Take control of your firearm to achieve consistent, precise shots.

Get Your Rare Breed Trigger Now:

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your game. Order your Rare Breed Trigger today and see the difference in your shooting performance.

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