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Dan Wesson DWX / Dan Wesson Dwx 2021/ Dan Wesson Pistol

A hybrid is defined as combining something from two different elements. When the best of both are combined, a super-hybrid is the result. The engineers at Dan Wesson and CZ-USA did just this by blending the best features of a Dan Wesson 1911 and the CZ 75, forming the perfect union and providing serious shooters the benefits of both pistols.

dan wesson dwx

Now competitors, concealed carriers and gun owners who want the ultimate in home protection can reap the benefits with the new Dan Wesson DWX and DWX Compact. The DWX combines the best traits of these established guns resulting in 9mm/.40 S&W pistols with Dan Wesson performance and CZ-USA quality.

According to Dan Wesson it started as an experiment —a grand melding of Dan Wesson and CZ pistols. Borrowing the crisp single-action fire control group of a DW 1911 and combining it with the ergonomics and capacity of a CZ, the resulting pistol emerged as the new handgun avant-garde.


The Dan Wesson dwx pistol was designed initially for competition use, the DWX has evolved into much more than that, with both full-size and compact variants. Its locked breech barrel system is simple, ditching the standard 1911 link system and using CZ-style takedown via the slide stop. The easier take-down will be familiar to any hammer-fired CZ owner, as is removing the Match-grade barrel due to the bushing-less barrel system that resembles a P-10 or P-09/P-07. Double-stack magazines boost the capacity to 19+1 with flush bases, and many standard 1911 parts enable gunsmiths and competitive shooters to tune the X just the way they like it. Sights are easily customized, using a 1911-style dovetailed sight in the front and a CZ Shadow 2 style sight cut in the rear. The swappable mag release expands upon the user configuration.


With the grip angle and contours that have made the CZ 75 a stand-out in the realm of pistol ergonomics, the DWX is a natural fit for most hands. The DWX can utilize standard grips from a CZ 75 and corresponding magwells for the 75 series are compatible as well. With so many ways to tune and customize, the DWX is sure to shine!

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1911 Meets 75

Taking advantage of the crisp Dan Wesson 1911 single-action control group and the high-capacity and ergonomics of the CZ 75, it’s easy to see where the DWX got its good looks.

Styled after the CZ 75, the DWX grip angle and contours offer shooters a familiar fit and feel. Available in full-size and compact frames, DWX models even use the same standard aluminum grips as full-size and compact 75s, respectively. The low-profile grips and beavertail allow for maximum comfort and control when shooting.

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The DWX also makes use of existing CZ-USA magazines. The 19+1/15+1 full-size accepts P-09/P-10 F mags, while the 15+1 DWX Compact uses those from the CZ 75 Compact. Corresponding mag wells for the 75 series are also compatible.

Originally designed as a competition pistol, the DWX remains simple to operate and features a locked-breech barrel system proven for reliability and function, CZ-style takedown by means of the slide stop and a bushing-less barrel. The ambidextrous safety also promotes easy operation for both right- and left-handed shooters.

DWX Details

The Dan Wesson DWX full-size is chambered in both 9mm and .40 S&W, and sports red grips with matching trigger and magazine base plates. Both pistols measure in at 8.52″ long, 5.85″ tall and 1.52″ wide, and weigh 43 oz. Their match-grade barrels are 5″ in length. Sights compose of a fiber optic front and flat black adjustable rear.

True enough, polymer pistols rule the roost when it comes to carry guns, but Dan Wesson is breaking this mold with the DWX Compact.

There’s a rut when it comes to concealed carry handguns. They always have to be small, black and polymer. Think again.

Smashing the stereotype of the typical carry gun, the Dan Wesson DWX Compact swims against the popular current to the benefit of the armed citizen. What this means is cold-hard metal and plenty of it.

Some out there might roll their eyes, complaining the 9mm DWX Compact’s materials only add up to greater bulk on the hip. Yet, Dan Wesson does a masterful job of keeping the 15+1 capacity pistol fighter trim, turning to aluminum alloy for the pistol’s frame. It comes in at a very manageable 28 ounces, and boasting a 4-inch barreled gun comes in at a little less than 7.5 inches in overall length and a little over 5 inches in height. For most, that adds up to a piece that should prove more than concealable in most garb.

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